Residential Construction Lawyer

Construction projects can be complex, and you need a lawyer whose experience can help prevent problems before they arise and resolve any problems that came up during or after construction.

Richard C. Cucci’s experience representing both homeowners and contractors gives you the knowledge you need on your side during any construction project. 

Familiarity with all requires laws and ordinances will ensure your projects are in compliance, while extensive experience handling numerous cases means you’ll benefit from a big picture view that examines every angle.

How can a construction lawyer help?

 With legally binding contracts, it’s important to know what you’re committing to. A construction law attorney can review the documents to make sure they’re legally sound while offering recommendations on how to adjust the contract so the terms are fair and equitable. In reviewing the contract, an experienced construction lawyer will also be able to look for areas to protect your interests in the future, such as in the event of non-payment or incomplete services. 

If you’re in any way involved with the construction process, Richard C. Cucci can help provide guidance as to how best protect you from legal conflict. During the construction process there are often times unanticipated issues, and a carefully constructed contract will have been put together to address those problems before they even arise. Not having such a contract in place can lead to costly litigation or the inability to collect payments or reimbursements.

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