Commercial Construction Lawyer

Lawyers play an important role before, during and after any commercial construction, handling issues affecting both the building owners and the construction professionals. Richard C. Cucci’s experience extends to complex, large-scale commercial projects, giving him the knowledge to handle any number of issues that arise during the construction process. 

Our commercial construction services can assist with:

  • Owner/Landlord Construction contracts
  • Tenant Construction Contracts
  • General Contracting Agreements
  • AIA Documents
  • Construction Management Agreements
  • Project Management Agreements
  • Subcontractor Agreements

How we can help

Richard C. Cucci’s unique approach is designed to help clients avoid disputes, foster positive relationships and maximize results while minimizing costs. From contract negotiation to guidance to litigation when necessary, our big-picture view is meant to protect your interests, with our industry experience providing the breadth needed to handle any type of construction.

Need help from an experienced commercial construction law attorney? Contact us today.